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At our two sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, we manufacture around 1,800 different workpieces, assemblies and systems every year in a wide variety of shapes and materials, from plastics to titanium alloys, from prototypes to large-scale production.

Schuhmacher as a system partner

We see our focus as a system partnership. And this in customer relationships to which we can fully contribute our strengths: The ability to provide advice as early as the design phase in order to optimize the product together with our customers from an economic point of view. The ability to complete machining. The ability to assemble. The ability to coordinate external services - such as the QA-supported outsourcing of heat treatment and surface finishing – on schedule.

Variety of technologies

The variety of machining technologies at Schuhmacher is the basis for using the right production technology for the respective requirement.

CNC short turning

  • Bar machining on CNC short lathes up to Ø 65 mm
  • Fully automated CNC machining of blanks up to Ø 250 mm

CNC sliding headstock turning

  • Bar machining on CNC sliding headstock lathes up to Ø 32 mm
  • Production of medium and large series on cam-type automatic lathes up to Ø 65 mm

CNC multi-spindle turning

  • Production of large series on multi-spindle automatic lathes up to Ø 35 mm

Complete machining

  • Complex drilling and milling operations on CNC machining centers
  • Production of large series on interlinked CNC turning/milling centers

Surface treatment

  • Hard turning
  • Grinding technology

The result: precision in every respect.

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