Parts management

Respond quickly, deliver reliably.

Thanks to our intensive cooperation with the automotive industry, we are used to meeting requirements precisely, responding at short notice and guaranteeing the provision of minimum stocks on request. Our logistics are logically thought through, from raw materials to dispatch. Because we measure the quality of all our services. At Schuhmacher, precision is not only measured in hundredths or μm, but also calculated in hours and minutes. Our comprehensive supply chain management enables us to meet all of our customers' logistics and processing requirements optimally and reliably.

Raw material warehouse

Being able to react at short notice - that is also part of parts management. Our extensive raw materials warehouse, which is directly linked to production, contributes to this. This allows us to react flexibly over short distances.

Assembly capacities

Flexibility often also requires manpower. In component assembly in particular, it is good to have sufficient space and people available to be able to react quickly to changing requirements.

In-house tool production

Being self-sufficient when needed is an enormous advantage. Our own tool production gives us the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly to tool requirements in production.

The Schuhmacher TLZ

Our TLZ - the Technology + Logistics Center - handles the logistics and shipping of our finished turned parts. The entire dispatch process takes place here.

Careful and comprehensive

You are welcome to use further services of our TLZ:

  • Labeling
  • Customized packaging
  • Preservation as required