Process development

Impulses from the initial idea to process optimization

The development of safe and economical production processes is a core competence at Schuhmacher. As a preferred supplier to the automotive industry, we have been trimmed for efficiency – and have taken the requirements further in a sensible and efficient manner. More than two decades ago, we recognized the advantages of sensible methods and made these insights available to our customers from other industries. We feel at home as co-thinkers – and sometimes also as pioneers. You will feel it when you talk to us about the implementation of your functional requirements. From the initial idea to process optimization.

Process development

What is the best process for manufacturing the component? Which turning technology is the right one in terms of machining scope and batch size? Which machining sequence ensures the required characteristics? When it comes to process development, we at Schuhmacher can draw on the full range of possibilities. The variety of technologies and the high level of vertical integration at Schuhmacher enable us to tailor the process sequence precisely to the respective component.

Production optimization

It is the short distances at Schuhmacher that are the source of process optimization. The regular exchange between practitioners from production and quality assurance brings to light the potential for economical and reliable production. We have always attached great importance to this close networking. Because it is often the little things that add up to create advantages.

  • Committed: Continuous process optimization
  • Flexible: Adaptation to changing conditions
  • Versatile: Process adaptation to planned quantities
  • Forward-looking: Integration of automation during series ramp-up

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