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With an eye for precision

Schuhmacher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH is your competent partner for the development and manufacture of precision turned parts and assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. We are an OEM partner and Tier X supplier with many years of experience. As a family business, we stand for respectful and fair dealings with our partners, employees and customers.

Partner for your product success.

The special understanding of the special industry-specific needs makes Schuhmacher a valued partner. We have been supporting most customers for many years – a fact that we are particularly proud of.

(Stefan Schuhmacher)

Versatile. Diverse.

We use state-of-the-art production technologies to meet even the most demanding requirements. We are able to manufacture workpieces, assemblies and complete systems as pilot series, large series or spare parts. With our comprehensive know-how, we support our customers right from the start in finding the optimum solution for their task.

Ideal manufacturing partner.

The right technology for the series size, the right processes for the machining task

Anyone who combines all relevant machining processes and machine technologies under one roof, as we do, can use precisely the right production technology to produce functional parts economically and reliably. With our two locations at our headquarters in Spaichingen and in the Czech Republic, we have the prerequisites to be an attractive and reliable partner. Find out more about the extensive possibilities with Schuhmacher.

Agile development partner.

Know-how in every phase: design impulses, initial samples, process development, production optimization, ...

The development of safe and economical production processes is a core competence at Schuhmacher. As a preferred supplier to the automotive industry, we have been trimmed for efficiency - and have taken the requirements further in a sensible and efficient manner.

Optimum parts management.

Services that convince

Schuhmacher has always thought ahead. As a result, our customers trust us to provide services that only a few companies in the machining technology sector can provide to this extent. With the TLZ Technology and Logistics Center, we can offer customer-specific completion and logistics services that ensure greater efficiency and relieve our customers. And we do so in a convincing and needs-oriented manner. We have plenty of space for your requirements - let's talk about it.

Complete processing. Complete service.

Schuhmacher's complete service is convincing. Complete machining for ready-to-install functional parts and assemblies - behind this is our high level of vertical integration with an enormous variety of machining processes. Thanks to its experience as an OEM supplier, Schuhmacher has developed a further core competence with its technology and logistics center, which companies from various industries are increasingly recognizing as an advantage and are happy to use.

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